Variable Grid Options

Use the Variable Grid Options dialog box to select the columns that will display in the Variables window and to select the filters to apply to the list of variables. For more information about the corresponding variable properties, see Integration Services (SSIS) Variables.

Show system variables

Select to list system variables in the Variables window. System variables are predefined. You cannot add or delete system variables. You can modify the RaiseChangedEvent property setting.

This list is color coded. System variables are gray, and user-defined variables are black.

Show variables of all scopes

Select to show variables within the scope the package, and within the scope of containers, tasks, and event handlers in the package. Clear this option to show only variables within the scope of the package and within the scope of a selected container, task, or event handler.

For more information about variable scope, see Integration Services (SSIS) Variables.

Select the columns that you want to appear in the Variables window.

  • Scope

  • Data type

  • Value

  • Namespace

  • Raise event when variable value changes

  • Description

  • Expression

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