Excel Connection Manager Editor

Use the Excel Connection Manager Editor dialog box to add a connection to an existing Microsoft Excel workbook file.

To learn more about the Excel connection manager, see Excel Connection Manager.


You cannot connect to a password-protected Excel file.

Excel file path

Type the path and file name of an existing Excel workbook file (.xls), or locate the file by clicking Browse.


Use the Open dialog box to locate the Excel workbook file.

Excel version

Specify the version of Microsoft Excel that was used to create the file.



Excel 97-2003

File was created using Excel 97 or later.

Excel 3.0

File was created using Excel 3.0.

Excel 4.0

File was created using Excel 4.0.

Excel 5.0

File was created using Excel 95 (7.0).

First row has column names

Specify whether the first row of data in the selected worksheet contains column names. The default value of this option is True.

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