Application Role (General Page)

Create a role that restricts user access to the database except through specific applications. Application roles have no users, so the Role Members list is not displayed when Application role is selected.

This page is accessed in two ways: either by right-clicking Application Roles in Object Explorer and clicking New Application Role, or by right-clicking an existing application role and clicking Properties. When you right-click an existing application role and click Properties, some of the following options are not editable.

Role Name

Enter the role name here. If you are editing an existing role, this option is configurable.

Default Schema

Specify the schema that will own objects created by this role, unless otherwise specified.


Enter a strong password for authenticating applications that access the database through the role. If you are editing an existing role, you cannot change an already existing password.

Confirm Password

Confirm the password entered.

Schemas owned by this role/Owned Schemas

Select or view schemas that are owned by this role. A schema can be owned by only one schema or role.

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