New System Role Assignments / Edit System Role Assignments Page (Report Manager)

Use the New System Role Assignments or Edit System Role Assignments page to define security for the report server. All security is defined through role assignments that map specific users or groups to the tasks that they can perform. The task list is represented as a role definition that you select when making the role assignment.

At the system level, the role assignments that you create or modify apply to the report server as a whole. For example, the ability to create shared schedules is specified at the system level because shared schedules are used throughout the system.

By default, Reporting Services provides two predefined system level roles:

  • System User includes tasks that allow users to select shared schedules. This role also includes the Execute Report Definitions task that allows users to view clickthrough reports that have been published to the report server. Most users should be assigned to this role.

  • System Administrator includes tasks for creating and managing shared schedules, setting server properties, and creating system-level role assignments for other users. Few users require permissions at this level. For more information about the complete list of tasks for this role, see System Administrator Role.

To open this page, click Site Settings at the top of the page, and then click the Security tab at the side of the page. You must have Content Manager and System Administrator permissions to access this page.

Group or User

Type the name of a group or user account in your domain. If the report server is running under a local account, you must specify local groups or users. If the report server is running under a domain account, you must specify domain groups or users. Enter the account in this format: <domain>\<account>.


Provides a list of system-level roles that you can assign to other users. You can specify multiple roles for a single role assignment.

Report Manager does not display the tasks in each role or provide a way to add or modify the tasks. You must use the roles as they are defined. To create, modify, or delete roles, use SQL Server Management Studio. For more information, see How to: Create, Delete, or Modify a Role (Management Studio).

Note that if you are using SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services, you must use the default roles that are provided.


Shows additional information about the role. For predefined roles such as System User or System Administrator, the description summarizes the tasks that each role supports.

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