Database Maintenance Plan History (SQL Server 2000)

When connecting to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 servers, use the Database Maintenance Plan History dialog box to find information about maintenance plans configured on the server. New database maintenance plans cannot be created and some properties cannot be modified with SQL Server Management Studio. Use Enterprise Manager instead. Database maintenance plans cannot be created on Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Use maintenance plans instead.

Select from the following fields to restrict the displayed database maintenance plans to those plans the meet the criteria.

Plan name

Specify the name of the database maintenance plan you want to view.

Server Name

Specify the name of the server containing the database maintenance plan history you want to view.


Specify the name of the database whose history you want to view.


Specify the status of the plans whose history you want to view: Succeeded or Failed. If you click Failed, type keywords in the Keywords in message box to further narrow the scope of the plan histories displayed.


Specify the activity of the plans whose history you want to view: Optimizations, Integrity Checks, Database Backup, Transaction Log Backup.

Keywords in message

Specify the error message keywords for the history you want to view, or view the history of successful backup jobs.

The history of the database maintenance plans appear in this box.


The number of maintenance plans that met the filter criteria.

Maintenance Plan

The name of each maintenance plan.


The name of the server for each maintenance plan.


The name of the database for each maintenance plan.


The name of the activity for each maintenance plan.


The status returned when the plan executed.

End Date

The date and time the maintenance plan completed.


Any message returned from the plan when executed.

Automatically apply filters

Apply the group of criteria to the entire set of database plans each time you change one of the filter settings. Clear this option until you have set all the filter criteria to your satisfaction. This option is the default.


Delete the selected maintenance plan history.


Refresh this dialog box with the most current data.

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