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Locations Tab, ASP.NET Configuration Settings Dialog Box

Configuration settings can be applied to a specific Web application or directory by using a location tag with an appropriate path attribute. The path attribute can be used to identify a specific file or child directory to which unique configuration settings apply. Using the Locations tab of the ASP.NET Configuration Settings dialog box is a way to embed configuration settings inside a configuration file.


The MMC snap-in for ASP.NET works with IIS 6.0 or earlier. The IIS 7.0 administration tool includes the functionality of the ASP.NET MMC tool. For more information, see ASP.NET and IIS Configuration.

The Locations tab of the ASP.NET Configuration Settings dialog box lets you manage the following:

  • Location configurations, which are the path location configurations that are defined in the configuration files for nodes.

To display the ASP.NET Configuration Settings dialog box from the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

  1. Open the Properties dialog box for the Web application.

  2. Click ASP.NET, click Edit Configuration, and then click Application.

The settings that you make on the Locations tab apply to the Web application that you selected before displaying the Properties dialog box.


Configuration settings can be inherited. Settings can be defined in the Machine.config file, which acts as the base configuration for all Web sites and Web applications on the server. You can create new settings or override inherited settings by making configuration settings at the Web application level in the Web.config file.

For information about ASP.NET Configuration Settings, see ASP.NET Configuration Overview

The Locations tab lets you complete the following task:

  • Specify the path location configurations that are defined in the configuration file for a node.

Location configurations


Lets you display the Add Location dialog box in which you specify an index and a location to add a new location to the Location Configuration dialog box in the ASP.Net configuration Settings dialog box.

Edit Configuration

Lets you display a new ASP.NET Configuration Settings tab for the node that is specified by the path in the containing configuration file.


Lets you remove a location entry from the configuration file for this node.

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