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Advanced Programming Topics in WMI .NET

.NET Framework 2.0

The following table covers advanced operations for WMI in .NET Framework and provides links to topics with example code.

Topic Description

How To: Connect to a Remote Computer

Remote connections for WMI in .NET Framework are accomplished through the ManagementScope object.

How To: Call a Method Asynchronously

A client application may call a method asynchronously and carry on other operations while the method is executing.

How To: Receive Management Events Without Waiting

A client application may set up an asynchronous subscription and carry on other operations while waiting for events.

How To: Receive Management Information Without Waiting

Management operations can be performed asynchronously.

How To: Update a Security Descriptor of a WMI Namespace

This example updates the security descriptor information for a namespace so that certain users can access and modify the namespace.

How To: Use Strongly-Typed Objects

WMI provides the ability to automatically generate early-bound wrappers for WMI objects.

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