Globalization (How Do I in Visual Web Developer)

This page links to help on widely used tasks for creating Web pages that can be used with different languages and cultures. To view other categories of popular tasks covered in Help, see How Do I in Visual Web Developer.

Walkthrough: Using Resources for Localization with ASP.NET

Provides a tutorial on creating Web pages that can display information in different languages.

ASP.NET Web Page Resources Overview

Provides information on using resource files (.resx files) to store language-specific and locale-specific text.

How to: Create Resource Files for ASP.NET Web Sites

Provides steps for creating .resx files that store text in different languages and for different cultures that can be displayed in an ASP.NET Web page.

How to: Use Resources to Set Property Values in Web Server Controls

Provides steps for configuring controls to read property values from .resx files to dynamically display pages in different languages.

How to: Retrieve Resource Values Programmatically

Provides steps for programmatically reading values from a language-specific and culture-specific .resx file.

How to: Localize Site-Map Data

Provides steps creating site maps that present information in different languages.

Bidirectional Support for ASP.NET Web Applications

Provides information on creating ASP.NET Web pages to be displayed in bidirectional languages.

How to: Set the Culture and UI Culture for ASP.NET Web Page Globalization

Provides steps for configuring pages and Web sites to format dates, currency, and other culture-dependent values.

How to: Select an Encoding for ASP.NET Web Page Globalization

Provides steps for encoding page content and reading encoded browser information.

How to: Display Right-to-Left Text Using HTML Tags for Globalization

Provides steps for setting attributes in HTML elements to specify the direction in which text is displayed.

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