How to: Run a Load Test Using Test Controllers and Test Agents Specified in a Test Setting

After you have created the load test using New Load Test Wizard, you then run your load test and view how your Web site responds to the load simulation. After you start a load test, you can both monitor it while it is running and analyze it after it has completed by using the Load Test Analyzer. For more information, see Analyzing Load Tests Results Using the Load Test Analyzer .

After you are confident that your test runs well with a light load and for brief durations, you can run your load test on a test controller and test agents. This group of computers generates a simulated load for testing.


  • Visual Studio Ultimate

For more information about test controllers and test agents, see Setting Up Test Machines to Run Tests or Collect Data, Installing and Configuring Test Agents and Test Controllers, and Distributing Load Test Runs Across Multiple Test Machines Using Test Controllers and Test Agents.

To run a load test on a test controller and test agents

  1. Open a Web performance and load test project that contains a load test.

  2. In Solution Explorer, select the test settings under Solution Items, open its shortcut menu, and then choose Open.

    The Test Settings dialog box is displayed. For more information, see Create Test Settings to Run Automated Tests from Visual Studio.

  3. Select Roles. From the Test execution method drop-down list, select Remote execution.

  4. From the Controller drop-down list, select the controller. Alternatively, you can type the name of the controller.

  5. Either choose Save As and specify a name for a new test settings.


    Choose Apply to save the changes to the current test settings.

  6. On the Test menu, point to Select Active Test Settings and then select the test settings on the submenu that you just saved.

  7. Run your tests from the Load Test Editor or from the LOAD TEST menu. For more information, see How to: Run a Load Test.

    Your test runs on the test controller and test agents.