Search Page (Report Manager)

Use the Search page to view the results of a search operation specified for a report, linked report, report model, shared data source, folder, or resource. Search results are listed alphabetically. You can sort by type, name, or description.

The following items are excluded from a search operation: report snapshots contained in report history, subscriptions, and shared schedules. Similarly, insufficient permission to view a folder or report excludes that item from a search.

To open this page, type a search string in the Search for field below the global toolbar, and then click Go.

Search for

Type all or part of the name of an item that you want to locate, and then click Go to start the search. The longest string you can search for is 128 characters.

Item names or descriptions that contain the entire search string anywhere in the text value are included in the search results.

Boolean operators such as the plus character (+) are not supported.


Click Delete to remove an item from a report server database.


Click Move to relocate an item. Clicking this button opens the Move Items page, on which you can select a different folder location.

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