Analysis Services Processing Task Editor (Analysis Services Page)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

Use the Analysis Services page of the Analysis Services Processing Task Editor dialog box to specify an Analysis Services connection manager, select the analytic objects to process, and set processing and error handling options.

When processing tabular models, keep the following in mind:

  1. You cannot perform impact analysis on tabular models.

  2. Some processing options for tabular mode are not exposed, such as Process Defrag and Process Recalc. You can perform these functions by using the Execute DDL task.

  3. Some processing options provided, such as process indexes, are not appropriate for tabular models and should not be used.

  4. Batch settings are ignored for tabular models.

To learn about this task, see Analysis Services Processing Task.

Analysis Services connection manager
Select an existing Analysis Services connection manager in the list or click New to create a new connection manager.

Create a new Analysis Services connection manager.

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Object list

Object NameLists the specified object names.
TypeLists the types of the specified objects.
Process OptionsSelect a processing option in the list.

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SettingsLists processing settings for the specified objects.

Add an Analysis Services object to the list.

Select an object, and then click Delete.

Impact Analysis
Perform impact analysis on the selected object.

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Batch Settings Summary

Processing orderSpecifies whether objects are processed sequentially or in a batch; if parallel processing is used, specifies the number of objects to process concurrently.
Transaction modeSpecifies the transaction mode for sequential processing.
Dimension errorsSpecifies the task behavior when errors occur.
Dimension key error log pathSpecifies the path of the file to which errors are logged.
Process affected objectsIndicates whether dependent or affected objects are also processed.

Change Settings
Change the processing options and the handling of errors in dimension keys.

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