sysmergesubscriptions (Transact-SQL)


Applies To: SQL Server

Contains one row for each known Subscriber and is a local table at the Publisher. This table is stored in the publication and subscription databases.

Column nameData typeDescription
subscriber_serversysnameThe ID of the server. Used to map the srvid field to the server-specific value when migrating a copy of the subscription database to a different server.
db_namesysnameThe name of the subscribing database.
pubiduniqueidentifierThe ID of the publication from which the current subscription was created.
datasource_typeintThe type of data source:

 0 = Microsoft SQL Server.

 2 = Jet OLE DB.
subiduniqueidentifierThe unique identification number for Subscription.
replnicknamebinaryThe compressed nickname for the replica.
replicastateuniqueidentifierA unique identifier that is used to determine if the previous synchronization was successful by comparing the value at the Publisher with the value at the Subscriber.
statustinyintThe status of the subscription:

 0 = Inactive.

 1 = Active.

 2 = Deleted.
subscriber_typeintThe type of Subscriber:

 1 = Global.

 2 = Local.

 3 = Anonymous.
subscription_typeintThe type of subscription:

 0 = Push.

 1 = Pull.

 2 = Anonymous.
sync_typetinyintThe type of synchronization:

 1 = Automatic.

 2 = No synchronization.
descriptionnvarchar(255)A brief description of the subscription.
priorityrealSpecifies the subscription priority and allows the implementation of priority-based conflict resolution. Equals 0.00 for all local or anonymous subscriptions.
recgenbigintThe number of the last generation received.
recguiduniqueidentifierThe unique ID of the last generation received.
sentgenbigintNumber of the last generation sent.
sentguiduniqueidentifierThe unique ID of the last generation sent.
schemaversionintThe number of the last schema received.
schemaguiduniqueidentifierThe unique ID of the last schema received.
last_validateddatetimeThe datetime of the last successful validation of Subscriber data.
attempted_validatedatetimeThe last datetime that validation was attempted on the subscription.
last_sync_datedatetimeThe datetime of the synchronization.
last_sync_statusintThe subscription status:

 0 = All jobs are waiting to start.

 1 = One or more jobs are starting.

 2 = All jobs have executed successfully.

 3 = At least one job is executing.

 4 = All jobs are scheduled and idle.

 5 = At least one job is attempting to execute after a previous failure.

 6 = At least one job has failed to execute successfully.
last_sync_summarysysnameThe description of last synchronization results.
metadatacleanuptimedatetimeThe last datetime that expired metadata was removed from merge replication system tables.
partition_idintIdentifies the pre-computed partition to which the subscription belongs.
cleanedup_unsent_changesbitIdentifies that metadata for unsent changes have been cleaned up at the Subscriber.
replica_versionintIdentifies the version of SQL Server for the Subscriber to which the subscription belongs, which can be one of the following values:

 90 = SQL Server 2005

 100 = SQL Server 2008
supportability_modeintInternal use only.
application_namenvarchar(128)Internal use only.
subscriber_numberintInternal use only.
last_makegeneration_datetimedatetimeThe last datetime that the makegeneration process ran for the Publisher. For more information, see the -MakeGenerationInterval parameter in Replication Merge Agent.

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