How to: Specify Run Settings

Run settings are a set of properties that affect an entire load test. The run settings determine the length of the test, warm-up duration, maximum number of error details reported, sampling rate, connection model (Web tests only), results storage type, validation level and SQL tracing. The run settings should reflect the goals of your load test. For more information, see About Run Settings.


Run settings, like counter sets, apply to all the scenarios in a load test instead of individual scenarios.

When you create a load test, you specify the initial run settings for the load test in the Load Test Wizard. For more information, see How to: Launch the Load Test Wizard.


You can change the Run Settings for a load test by using the Load Test Editor. For more information, see How to: Change the Run Settings.

To specify run settings in the Load Test Wizard

  1. On the Run Settings page of the Load Test Wizard, choose your initial settings. Enter Timing, Description, Maximum error details, and Validation levels.

  2. After you choose your run settings, you have finished the Load Test Wizard. Click Finish if you are done, or use the orientation panel on the left side to return to any previous part of the wizard.

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