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Working with Load Tests

In This Section

Understanding Load Tests

Describes how load tests are used in several different types of testing.

Creating Load Tests

Describes the purpose of load tests.

Editing Load Tests

Discusses various editing tasks, such as adding a scenario and changing load patter properties.

Load Test Counter Sets

Describes load test counter sets, used to collect performance data during a load test.

Load Test Results Stores

Describes load test results stores, used to store performance data collected during a load test.

Running Load Tests

Describes the different options for running load tests, including command line and user interface.

Analyzing Load Test Runs

Discusses the Load Test Monitor, graphing, error and threshold counts, viewing load tests, and other related functions.

Advanced Load Test Tasks

Discusses the Load Test API.

Walkthrough: Creating and Running a Load Test

Walks you through the process of creating and then running a load test.

Considerations for Large Load Tests

Provides tips for performing large load tests.

Troubleshooting Load Tests

Discusses common issues that occur when you work with Load tests.


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