We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Test Types

Team System testing tools provides several test types that you can use for your specific software testing purposes. This section describes those test types. It also describes how to create and customize tests of each type, because these processes are specific to the type of test.

However, common among the various test types are many test-related tasks such as managing tests and working with test results. These common tasks are described in the section Testing Tools Tasks.

Working with Unit Tests

Provides links to topics that describe unit tests and how to create them.

Working with Web Tests

Describes how to create, edit, run, and view Web tests.

Working with Load Tests

Describes the uses of load tests, how to edit and run them, how to collect and store load test performance data, and how to analyze load test runs.

Working with Manual Tests

Describes how to create and run manual tests, the only non-automated test type.

Working with Generic Tests

Describes how to create and run generic tests. Generic tests wrap external programs and tests that were not originally developed for use in the Team System testing tools.

Working with Ordered Tests

Describes how to create ordered tests, which contain other tests that are meant to be run in a specified order.


Describes the LoadTesting namespace, which provides classes and interfaces that enable load testing of unit and Web tests.


Describes the UnitTesting namespace, which provides attributes, exceptions, asserts, and other classes that support unit testing.


Describes the UnitTesting.Web namespace, which extends the UnitTesting namespace by providing support for ASP.NET and Web service unit tests. 


Describes the WebTesting namespace, which provides classes that enable Web testing. These classes include the WebTest class, the base class for all Web tests, and the WebTestRequest and WebTestResponse classes, for simulating HTTP requests and responses.


Describes the WebTesting.Rules namespace, which contains rules that Web tests use to test the content of Web pages.

Testing Tools Tasks

Points you to Help topics that describe the ways you can work with tests: create, manage, and run tests, view and analyze test results, and work with controllers, agents, and rigs.

Getting Started with Team System Testing Tools

Takes you on a tour through the tools and windows of Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Test Edition. This tour shows how to create and work with tests, the types of tests that are available, and how to configure testing tools.