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Saving and Publishing Test Results

Visual Studio Team System testing tools automatically saves test results to your computer's hard disk when you run tests. You can also explicitly save test results to a file and a folder of your choosing. And, if your team is using a Team Foundation Server team project to help manage its work, you can also publish your test data to a Microsoft SQL Server database known as an operational store. This section describes the procedures you can follow to save, retrieve, delete, and publish test results data.

In This Section

How to: Export Test Results

Describes how to store the results of a test run in a particular test results file.

How to: Import Test Results

Describes how to import the results of previous test runs, which also displays the results in the Test Results window.

Publishing Test Results

Describes the concepts behind and the requirements for publishing test results.

How to: Publish Test Results

Describes how to publish test results to the operational store.

Moving Test Data into the Data Warehouse

Describes the process by which test data moves from the operational store into the central data warehouse.

How to: Delete Test Results

Describes how to delete the files that store test run results from the hard disk.

How to: Find and View Test Runs

Describes how to display both local and remote test runs.

How to: Enable Reporting of Test Results

Describes how to perform the tasks that enable the generation of test-results data reports within the reporting mechanism of Team Foundation Server.

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