This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Command-Line Test Execution

You use the MSTest.exe program to run tests from a command line. The topics in this section describe how to use the MSTest.exe command to run tests, see test results, save results to disk, and publish results to your team's operational store.

In This Section

How to: Run Tests from the Command Line

Describes how to use the MSTest.exe command to run, from a command line, any tests other than manual tests.

How to: Obtain Command-Line Test Results

MSTest.exe automatically displays basic test results to the command-prompt window. This topic describes how to save command-line test results to a particular file and how to publish command-line test results to the operational store.

MSTest.exe Command-Line Options

Describes the options that you can use with MSTest.exe. These options let you specify such choices as which tests to run, whether to publish test results, and which run configuration file to use.

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Walkthrough: Using the Command-line Test Utility

In this walkthrough, you use the MSTest.exe command-line utility to run tests that you created in a previous walkthrough.

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