This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Debug while a Test is Running

You can debug your code while a unit test is running. There are two ways to do this:

  • If your production code or the test itself is running in either an IIS process or in the ASP.NET Development Server process, use the procedure that is described in How to: Debug while Running a Test in an ASP.NET Solution.

  • In all other cases, use the procedure that is described in this topic.

How to debug code while running a unit test

  1. (Optional) Set one or more breakpoints in your code. 

  2. Press CTRL+R and then CTRL+T.

    - or -

    On the Test menu, choose Debug and then choose Selected Tests.

    The first unit test runs until a breakpoint is encountered in your code. While the test is running, you can use the usual debugging commands, such as Continue and Step Out. The unit test does not produce a final result until the code path through the method has been completed.

    If you selected multiple tests in Test Explorer window, or if you chose Debug All Tests, the test run continues with subsequent tests. In those tests as well, the test runs until encountering a breakpoint.

    Note Note

    You can do this only while you are running tests locally, that is, on your own computer. You cannot debug while you are running tests remotely, by using a test controller and test agents.