We recommend using Visual Studio 2017

Managing Tests

To manage tests, use Test Manager, one of the windows of the Team Edition for Testers tools. The topics in this section describe how to perform management tasks using Test Manager.

In This Section

Selecting Test Management Views

Describes how to manage tests by using the Test Manager window and the Test View window and to customize the way those windows display their contents.

Selecting Tests

Describes how to select or check tests using the Team System testing tools windows.

Test Containers

Provides a description of why and how a test is placed in a container.

How to: Disable and Enable Tests

Describes how to disable a test to make it temporarily unavailable when you run a group of tests that contains it and how you can re-enable it at any time.

How to: Associate a Work Item with a Test

Describes using the Visual Studio Properties window to associate a work item with a test. 

How to: Import a Solution and Its Tests

Describes how you can import a solution from disk into a solution that you have open.

Managing Large Numbers of Tests

Describes how you can use the Test Manager window to organize tests in into a hierarchical structure.

Related Sections

Creating and Editing Tests

Provides links to topics describing how you can create or edit tests of most types by using the tools provided by Team Edition for Testers.

Running Tests

Provides links to topics describing how you can start running any type of test.

Test Results and Analysis

Provides links to topics describing how to view test results both quickly and in-depth, and how to save, retrieve, delete, and publish them.

Working with Controllers, Agents, and Rigs

Describes working with an agent as part of the rig that is used to run tests and generate simulated load and a controller is used to collect test results.

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