This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Creating and Editing Tests

You can create tests of most types by using the tools provided by Team Edition for Testers. The only common exception is the generic test. Generic tests are based on external programs or tests that were not originally developed for use in the Team System testing tools. By using the Team System testing tools, you can wrap that test or program to produce a generic test, run it, and view its results.

The topics in the following list describe how to create tests. For descriptions of the different test types, see Selecting a Test Type.

Related Sections

How to: Open a Test to Edit

Describes how to open a test to change the way it functions.

Creating Unit Tests

Provides links to topics about generating and authoring unit tests, including ASP.NET unit tests and data-driven unit tests.

How to: Generate a Unit Test

Describes how to generate unit tests by using a dialog box that is reached through Visual Studio tools windows. 

How to: Author a Unit Test

Describes how to edit an existing unit test, and how to create and author a unit test by hand.

Creating a Web Test

Describes how you create a Web test and how Web tests fit in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Testers. 

How to: Record a Web Test

Describes how to create a new Web test in Visual Studio and then use Internet Explorer and the integrated Web Test Recorder to record the actions you perform while you browse a Web site.

How to: Create a Coded Web Test

Describes how to convert an existing, recorded Web test into a coded Web test.

Creating Load Tests

Provides links to topics about how to create load tests and how to specify load-test settings such as load patterns, counter sets, and browser mix.

How to: Create a Manual Test

Describes how to create a manual test in text format or Microsoft Word format.

How to: Create a Generic Test

Describes how to wrap an existing test, program, or third-party tool as a generic test.

How to: Create an Ordered Test

Describes how to create an ordered test and then how to add tests that you want to run in a specific sequence to it.

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