This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Viewing and Running Tests

You can use the Test View window to view, author, and run tests. If you need to manage tests or run a large number of tests, use the Test List Editor. For more information, see Selecting Test Management Views and Managing Large Numbers of Tests.

How to: Run Selected Tests

Describes how to run tests and test projects from Team System testing tools windows and from files in your solution.

How to: Run Tests from the Command Line

Describes how to use the MSTest.exe command to run tests from a command line.

How to: Debug while a Test is Running

Describes how to debug your code while a unit test is running.

Creating and Editing Tests

Provides links to topics about generating, authoring, and recording tests of various types.

How to: Open a Test to Edit

Describes how to open a test to change the way it functions.

How to: Run a Load Test

Describes the different user interface options for running a load test.

Analyzing Load Test Runs

Discusses the Load Test monitor, graphing, error and threshold counts, viewing load tests, and other related functions.