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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CA2221: Finalizers should be protected







Breaking Change

Non Breaking

A public type implements a finalizer that does not specify family (protected) access.

Finalizers must use the family access modifier. This rule is enforced by the C#, Visual Basic, and Visual C++ compilers.

To fix a violation of this rule, change the finalizer to be family-accessible.

Do not suppress a warning from this rule.

This rule cannot be violated in any high-level .NET language; it can be violated if you are writing Microsoft Intermediate Language.

// =============== CLASS MEMBERS DECLARATION ===================
//   note that class flags, 'extends' and 'implements' clauses
//          are provided here for information only

.namespace UsageLibrary
  .class public auto ansi beforefieldinit FinalizeMethodNotProtected
         extends [mscorlib]System.Object
    .method public hidebysig instance void
            Finalize() cil managed

      // Code size       1 (0x1)
      .maxstack  0
      IL_0000:  ret
    } // end of method FinalizeMethodNotProtected::Finalize

    .method public hidebysig specialname rtspecialname
            instance void  .ctor() cil managed
      // Code size       7 (0x7)
      .maxstack  1
      IL_0000:  ldarg.0
      IL_0001:  call       instance void [mscorlib]System.Object::.ctor()
      IL_0006:  ret
    } // end of method FinalizeMethodNotProtected::.ctor

  } // end of class FinalizeMethodNotProtected
} // end of namespace