CA2217: Do not mark enums with FlagsAttribute


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An externally visible enumeration is marked with FlagsAttribute and it has one or more values that are not powers of two or a combination of the other defined values on the enumeration.

An enumeration should have FlagsAttribute present only if each value defined in the enumeration is a power of two, or a combination of defined values.

To fix a violation of this rule, remove FlagsAttribute from the enumeration.

Do not suppress a warning from this rule.

The following example shows an enumeration, Color, that contains the value 3, which is neither a power of two, nor a combination of any of the defined values. The Color enumeration should not be marked with the FlagsAttribute.

Imports System

Namespace Samples

    ' Violates this rule    
    <FlagsAttribute()> _
    Public Enum Color

        None = 0
        Red = 1
        Orange = 3
        Yellow = 4

    End Enum
End Namespace

The following example shows an enumeration, Days, that meets the requirements for being marked with the System.FlagsAttribute.

Imports System
Namespace Samples

    <FlagsAttribute()> _
    Public Enum Days

        None = 0
        Monday = 1
        Tuesday = 2
        Wednesday = 4
        Thursday = 8
        Friday = 16
        All = Monday Or Tuesday Or Wednesday Or Thursday Or Friday

    End Enum
End Namespace

CA1027: Mark enums with FlagsAttribute