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CA1044: Properties should not be write only
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CA1044: Properties should not be write only







Breaking Change


The public or protected property has a set accessor but does not have a get accessor.

Get accessors provide read access to a property and set accessors provide write access. Although it is acceptable and often necessary to have a read-only property, the design guidelines prohibit the use of write-only properties. This is because letting a user set a value and then preventing the user from viewing the value does not provide any security. Also, without read access, the state of shared objects cannot be viewed, which limits their usefulness.

To fix a violation of this rule, add a get accessor to the property. Alternatively, if the behavior of a write-only property is necessary, consider converting this property to a method.

It is strongly recommended that you do not suppress a warning from this rule.

In the following example, BadClassWithWriteOnlyProperty is a type with a write-only property. GoodClassWithReadWriteProperty contains the corrected code.

Imports System

Namespace DesignLibrary

   Public Class BadClassWithWriteOnlyProperty

      Dim someName As String

      ' Violates rule PropertiesShouldNotBeWriteOnly.
      WriteOnly Property Name As String
            someName = Value
         End Set 
      End Property

   End Class

   Public Class GoodClassWithReadWriteProperty

      Dim someName As String

      Property Name As String
            Return someName
         End Get 

            someName = Value
         End Set 
      End Property

   End Class

End Namespace

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