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CA1034: Nested types should not be visible


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An externally visible type contains an externally visible type declaration. Nested enumerations and protected types are exempt from this rule.

A nested type is a type declared within the scope of another type. Nested types are useful for encapsulating private implementation details of the containing type. Used for this purpose, nested types should not be externally visible.

Do not use externally visible nested types for logical grouping or to avoid name collisions; instead, use namespaces.

Nested types include the notion of member accessibility, which some programmers do not understand clearly.

Protected types can be used in subclasses and nested types in advance customization scenarios.

If you do not intend the nested type to be externally visible, change the type's accessibility. Otherwise, remove the nested type from its parent. If the purpose of the nesting is to categorize the nested type, use a namespace to create the hierarchy instead.

Do not suppress a warning from this rule.

The following example shows a type that violates the rule.

using System;

namespace DesignLibrary
    internal class ParentType
        public class NestedType
            public NestedType()

        public ParentType()
            NestedType nt = new NestedType();