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Analyzing C/C++ Code Quality by Using Code Analysis


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You can improve your C/C++ code by using the code analysis in Visual Studio to find and fix code defects.

Code Analysis for C/C++ OverviewLearn about the features of the code analysis tool.
Quick Start: Code Analysis for C/C++Learn the basics of code analysis for C/C++.
Using Rule Sets to Specify the C++ Rules to RunSpecify the rules to run on your project or solution.
Using the C++ Core Guidelines checkersAdd the C++ Core Guidelines checkers to your project.
How to: Set Code Analysis Properties for C/C++ ProjectsDescribes the configuration settings for code analysis.
How to: Specify Additional Code Information by Using __analysis_assumeLearn how to use __analysis_assume to improve code analysis.
Walkthrough: Analyzing C/C++ Code for DefectsGain hands-on experience by performing code analysis on a C/C++ project.
Using SAL Annotations to Reduce C/C++ Code DefectsLearn about annotation features of the code analysis tool to detect violations of the contract between the caller and the callee.
Code Analysis for C/C++ WarningsLists and describes code analysis warnings.

Analyzing Application Quality
Analyzing Managed Code Quality