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Analyzing C/C++ Code Quality by Using Code Analysis

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Visual Studio Ultimate

Visual Studio Premium

Visual Studio Professional 

Visual Studio Express

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When you install either Visual Studio Premium or Visual Studio Team Suite, you get a code analysis tool that helps you detect and correct code defects. This section describes Code Analysis and how to use the tool to improve your C/C++ code.

Code Analysis for C/C++ Overview

Learn about the features of the code analysis tool.

Code Analysis Properties for C/C++

Describes the configuration settings for code analysis.

How to: Enable and Disable Automatic Code Analysis for C/C++

Learn how to run code analysis on every build of a project configuration by using the project property pages.

How to: Enable and Disable Code Analysis for Specific C/C++ Warnings

Learn to use warning pragma to enable and disable code analysis warnings.

How to: Run Code Analysis Manually on C/C++ Projects

Learn to run code analysis on C/C++ projects on demand.

How to: View Code Analysis for C/C++ Warnings

Describes how to view and navigate to errors in code.

How to: Create a Work Item for C/C++ Code Defects

Learn to use the work item tracking feature in Team Foundation.

How to: Specify Additional Code Information by Using __analysis_assume

Learn how to use __analysis_assume to improve code analysis.

Walkthrough: Analyzing C/C++ Code for Defects

Gain hands-on experience by performing code analysis on a C/C++ project.

Using Annotations to Reduce C/C++ Code Defects

Learn about annotation features of the code analysis tool to detect violations of the contract between the caller and the callee.

Code Analysis for C/C++ Warnings

Lists and describes code analysis warnings.