Common Application, System and Logical Server Configuration Tasks

This section provides information on how to complete a few common configuration tasks using the Settings and Constraints Editor.

How to: Specify Application Settings as Overridable

A single application defined in Application Designer can be reused in different systems defined in System Designer. Each use of the application can be configured differently in different systems if application settings are marked as overridable in the Settings and Constraints Editor. This topic explains how to designate a particular setting as overridable or not overridable on the system.

How to: Override Application Settings

Explains how to override a setting on the system diagram once the setting is specified as overridable on the application diagram.

How to: Specify Web.config Settings

Explains how to generate a Web.config file that reflects Web application settings.

How to: Allow an Application to Run Isolated from Other Applications

Discusses how to specify which application pool a Web application should be deployed in.

How to: Prevent Logical Servers from Being Hosted in Zones

Explains how to use a zone containment constraint to prevent zones from hosting certain types of logical servers.

How to: Disallow Hosting Relationships

Discusses how to write a hosting constraint on a logical server or an application. These constraints allow the logical server to specify which types of applications it will host, and they allow the application to specify which types of logical servers are allowed to host it.

How to: Restrict HTTP and HTTPS Traffic into a Zone to a Specific Port

Explains how to regulate HTTP and/or HTTPS traffic into or out of a zone on a logical datacenter diagram.

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