This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Troubleshooting Logical Datacenter Diagrams 

This topic provides a list of possible errors or conditions that can occur on logical datacenter diagrams. In addition, see Troubleshooting IIS and ASP.NET Settings Import.

Closing a logical datacenter diagram requires you to save and close all open deployment diagrams in the solution that reference that logical datacenter diagram.

Before you can remove a logical datacenter diagram from the solution, you must close it and any other open diagrams in the solution.

The following error can occur on a logical datacenter diagram:

  • "The file <filename> cannot be checked out for editing because this would cause it to be reloaded, and reloads are not currently allowed for this file."

To avoid this error, change your source code control options to always check out the working folder version or check out the file prior to any operation that requires reloading the file. For more information, see System Definition Model (SDM) Documents Under Source Control.