This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Logical Server Prototypes in Logical Datacenter Designer

The Toolbox in Logical Datacenter Designer includes predefined logical server prototypes that you can add to a logical datacenter diagram. The following table describes each of these prototypes.

Logical server prototype



Represents and documents a database server, for example, a Microsoft SQL Server. Has no associated settings.


Represents an Internet Information Services server (IIS) that can host ASP.NET Web applications and Web services. Has all IIS metabase settings associated with it.


Represents and documents a user-defined server or component. Has no associated settings.


Represents a Windows client server that can host Windows applications. Has Windows server settings associated with it.

Each logical server prototype is associated with specific settings and constraints appropriate to that server. Logical server definitions might also include other resources needed to function properly when you deploy application systems.

You can extend the logical servers you define in Logical Datacenter Designer by creating custom logical server prototypes from logical servers defined on the logical datacenter diagram. For more information see, How to: Create Custom Prototypes from Configured Zones and Logical Servers.