This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Define Zones on Logical Datacenter Diagrams 

In Logical Datacenter Designer, you can define zones to represent communication boundaries in a datacenter. For more information, see Overview of Zones on Logical Datacenter Diagrams.

To add a zone to a logical datacenter diagram

  • On the Diagram menu, point to Add New, and choose Zone.

    – or –

  • From the Toolbox, drag a Zone to the diagram or double-click the Zone icon.


    If the Toolbox is not visible, open it from the View menu by choosing Toolbox.

    A zone appears on the diagram as the selected shape. Two default endpoints representing connection points appear on the zone shape. For more information, see Overview of Endpoints on Zones and Logical Servers.

To name a zone

  • Double-click the zone name and edit the name in place.

    - or -

  • Select the zone name and press F2.

    - or -

  • Select the zone and edit the Name property in the Properties window.


    If the Properties window is not visible, press F4 to open it.

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