This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Common Validation Warnings in Deployment Designer 

Warnings on the deployment diagram are displayed in the Error List window and indicated on the logical server or application on the deployment diagram by a red circle containing a white "x". The following sections describe common validation warnings and indicate how they can be fixed.

Unbound Application

This warning is in the following form:

  • "The application <application name> from system <system name> is not bound in the deployment diagram <diagram name>."

This warning occurs if an application in the System View window is not bound to a logical server on the deployment diagram.

To clear this warning, bind all applications within your system to logical servers on the deployment diagram.

Constraint Violation

This warning is in the following form:

  • "The constraint parameter <parameter name> requires that the setting <setting name> be set to <required value>, but it is currently set to <current value>."

This warning occurs when a setting on an application or logical server conflicts with a constraint set on the opposite layer. For example, a constraint on an IIS Web server requires that the Allowed Security Mode setting be set to "Forms" on a Web application hosted on that server, but it is actually set to "Windows".

To clear this warning, see the topic How to: Resolve Validation Warnings on Deployment Diagrams.

Missing Communication

This warning is in the following form:

  • "No connection was found that would allow communication to occur across the communication relationship <relationshipname> between endpoint <endpoint name> and endpoint <endpoint name>. You must either add a new connection between the hosts of the endpoints of this relationship or remove this connection."

This warning occurs when two applications are connected on the application diagram; however, they are hosted on logical servers that share no connection. In the case of a Web service connected to a database, you will not be allowed to bind the Web service application to an IIS Web server that is not connected to a database server. However, you will be able to bind the database application to a database server that does not connect to an IIS Web server. On validating the diagram, this warning will occur.

To clear this warning, bind the application to a logical server with the necessary communication relationship. If no logical server configuration exists to support your application configuration, work with the infrastructure architect on your team to find an appropriate hosting environment.

Missing Resources

This warning is in the following form:

  • "The user defined constraint cannot be evaluated as it requires a <resource name> resource to exist under the <section name> section."

This warning can occur on a user-defined constraint associated with an application, logical server, or zone.

To clear this warning, right-click the warning in the Error List window and choose Go To. A list of options will display. The first option will indicate the configuration resource to which you need to add the missing resource. The second option will navigate to the user-defined constraint. If you select the first option, right-click the parent resource, point to Add Resource, and choose the missing resource to add it.

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