Binding Applications to Logical Servers

This section covers binding and unbinding applications to logical servers in Deployment Designer. By binding an application to a logical server, you are specifying that the application will be deployed on that server.

How to: Bind Applications to Logical Servers

Describes the steps required to bind an application to a logical server in Deployment Designer.

How to: Display the System View Window

Describes how to view the System View window.

How to: Unbind Applications from Logical Servers

Explains how to unbind an application from a logical server.

How to: View the System Associated with a Bound Application

Explains how to view the underlying system definition for a particular bound application. On large diagrams, this enables you to easily locate the applicable system diagram that you might need to view or edit.

How to: Specify Binding Details on Deployment Diagrams

Describes how to assign application endpoints to the appropriate logical server endpoints, and also to assign Web applications to the appropriate application pool.

Validating Deployment Diagrams

Describes the steps required to validate a deployment diagram.

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