We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Implement Applications on Application Diagrams

In Application Designer, you can generate a skeleton implementation of certain applications so you can continue defining them in code. You can perform this task by implementing the application if that application's type supports implementation. The skeleton implementation includes the appropriate project for that application and can include code or class files, configuration files, and any other needed resources. You can implement applications at any time. For more information about application types that support implementation, see Application Types and Prototypes for Defining Applications.


If you are running Visual Studio on Windows Vista, you must run Visual Studio as an administrator to implement ASP.NET applications that run using IIS on a local server. If you want to implement that application to run using IIS on a remote server, you must have administrator permissions on that remote server. Otherwise, Visual Studio will not implement the application. For more information, see How to: Choose Web Site Type for ASP.NET Applications. For other issues to consider before implementing applications, see Considerations for Implementing Applications.

The implementation process might take several minutes to finish depending on the number of applications that you select to implement.

To implement applications on the application diagram

  1. Select one or more applications you want to implement.

  2. On the Diagram menu, point to Implementation, and click Implement Application. To implement all applications on the diagram, click Implement All Applications.


    You can also select applications, right-click them, and click Implement Application. You can also right-click the diagram and click Implement All Applications.

    The Confirm Application Implementation dialog box confirms the root project names and key implementation details. Any errors detected prior to implementation also appear in the dialog box.

  3. In the Confirm Application Implementation dialog box, click OK to continue implementation.

    In Solution Explorer, the corresponding projects appear in your solution. On the diagram, implemented applications display shadows. Any errors that occur during implementation appear in the Error List window. For more information, see Error List Window.


    When you implement Web services in Visual C#, the operations in each Web service class file include a throw statement so Visual Studio can compile the generated code. Replace this statement with method body code that you need to implement the operation. For more information, see Overview of ASP.NET Applications on Application Diagrams.