This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Defining ASP.NET Applications on Application Diagrams 

In Application Designer, you can define and configure ASP.NET applications, including those that provide Web services.

In This Section

Overview of ASP.NET Applications on Application Diagrams

Provides an overview of ASP.NET applications, which can expose Web services or document exposure to Web content.

Defining Web Services on ASP.NET Applications

Contains topics about defining Web services exposed by ASP.NET applications.

How to: Specify Dynamic or Static Content for ASP.NET Applications

Describes how to specify whether script processors, such as ASP.NET, are required to run ASP.NET applications.

Related Sections

Defining Applications on Application Diagrams

Contains topics about designing applications on the application diagram.

Defining Endpoints on Applications

Contains topics about defining endpoints on applications.

How to: Locate WSDL Files for Web Services

Describes how to specify a WSDL file or location to add a Web service to an application, an external Web service, or a BizTalk Web service.

How to: Substitute Web Services on Application Diagrams

Describes how to replace one application that defines a Web service with another.

Defining Communication Pathways on Application Diagrams

Contains topics about describing how to configure connections between applications in the development environment.

Implementing Applications on Application Diagrams

Contains topics about implementing applications to generate projects so that you can continue defining applications in code.

Troubleshooting Application Diagrams

Describes and helps resolve issues that can affect application diagrams and other items in the solution.

Designing Application Systems with System Designer

Introduces System Designer, which you can use to design application systems composed from applications or other systems.

Distributed System Designer Walkthroughs

Provides walkthroughs through core tasks you can perform using Distributed System Designers.