How to: Export Distributed System Diagrams to Other Documents 

In Distributed System Designers, you can copy selected items on a diagram and paste them as images into other documents. By selecting all items on a diagram, you can export the entire diagram to another document.


To create prototypes from configured endpoints and connected applications, logical servers, or zones that you can add to the Toolbox, see How to: Create Application Prototypes from Configured Applications and Endpoints and How to: Create Reusable Configurations of Zones and Logical Servers. To copy objects between diagrams in different instances of Visual Studio, see How to: Copy Between Solutions or Instances of Visual Studio.

To export diagram items as images

  1. On the diagram, select the items you want to copy.


    To export the entire diagram, right-click an empty area on the diagram and click Select All.

  2. On the Edit menu, choose Copy Image.

  3. Paste the selected items into the document you want.


    You can also right-click the selected items and choose Copy Image.

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