This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Getting Started with Distributed System Designers 

This section provides basic information to get you started using Visual Studio Team Edition for Architects.

In This Section

Distributed System Designer Overviews

Introduces Distributed System Designers, which you can use to visualize and define applications, compose application systems, model logical representations of datacenters, and bind systems to logical servers in the logical layout of the target datacenter.

Distributed System Designer Walkthroughs

Provides introductory and advanced walkthroughs for various sets of tasks with the Distributed System Designers.

Accessibility for Distributed System Designers

Provides a listing of keyboard shortcuts for the Distributed System Designers.

Common Tasks Across Distributed System Designers

Describes how to complete tasks common to all designers, such as printing, adding comments, creating diagram images, changing zoom levels, and so on.

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