We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Help Command (Team Foundation Build)

You can use the help command to display a help topic that contains detailed information about a specified Team Foundation Build command.

TFSBuild help commandname




Specifies a Team Foundation Build command for which you need to display command-line help. If you do not know which command you need, type TFSBuild help for a list of command-line help.

Calling the help command without a commandname parameter displays a list of all commands in the Command Prompt window, together with usage requirements and a brief explanation for each. If you include the commandname parameter, help is displayed for the specific command.

The options /? and /h are aliases for help. If you use the /? or /h option with any Team Foundation Build command, you call the help command, with the command name as the commandname parameter.

The following example displays a list of all Team Foundation Build commands, including a brief explanation of the syntax.

> TFSBuild help

The following example displays detailed information about the start command.

> TFSBuild help start

The following example also displays detailed information about the start command.

> TFSBuild start /?