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Managing Builds with Team Foundation Build

Team Foundation Build uses build types for building a solution or set of solutions in a distributed environment. Build types provide reports, enable testing, and provide other custom settings which are covered in this section. Build types are created and managed by a Team Foundation Build administrator. For more information, see Administering Team Foundation Build.

In This Section

Overview of Team Foundation Build

Provides an architectural overview and explanation of Team Foundation Build.

Running Builds in Team Foundation Build

Lists topics which describe how to execute builds in Team Foundation Build including standard, local, and scheduled builds.

Understanding the Team Foundation Build Browser

Explains the functionality of the Team System Build Browser and lists topics which describe how to view, interpret and modify build type status and build type reports generated by a build type in Team Foundation Build.


Related Sections

Team Foundation Build Walkthroughs

Lists walkthroughs which explore creating build types, running build types, and viewing build type reports.

Administering Team Foundation Build

Contains topics for administrators of Team Foundation Build including setting up a build computer and creating and managing build types.

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