This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Team Foundation Project Leads

A Team Foundation project lead has additional responsibilities and permissions for working on a team project. This section describes tasks and conceptual information that someone in a lead or administrative role typically performs on a team project.

In This Section

Creating and Managing Team Projects

Lists topics for using Team Explorer to manage team projects, documents, work items, reports, builds, and source control.

Using Reporting and Metrics for Team System

Lists topics for locating, editing, and setting permissions on reports as well as how to integrate Team Foundation with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word and how those products can be used to view the status of the team project.

Managing Builds with Team Foundation Build

Lists topics on an overview of Team Foundation Build, how to run and manage builds, running build reports, and reference documentation on Team Foundation Build commands.

Working with Check-in Policies and Notes

Describes the purpose of check-in policies and notes, and how to customize them.

How to: Configure Check-out Settings

Explains how to configure source control check-out settings.

Customizing Microsoft Project Field Mappings

Explains how Team Foundation fields are mapped to Microsoft Project fields, and how you can customize those mappings.

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