New or Edit Server Registration (General Tab) (SQL Server Compact)

Use this tab to specify options when registering a Microsoft SQL Server Compact database.

To access this page, in Registered Servers, click SQL Server Compact Edition on the Registered Servers toolbar, right-click any registered servers group, point to New, and then click Server Registration.

Server type

When a server is registered from Registered Servers, the Server type box is read-only, and it matches the type of server displayed in Registered Servers. To register a different type of server, click Database Engine, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, SQL Server Compact Edition, or Integration Services on the Registered Servers toolbar before starting to register a new server.

Database file

Select the database by selecting the database file to which to connect.


SQL Server Compact Authentication is the only option available.

User name

Enter the user name with which to connect. This option is only available if you have selected to connect using Windows Authentication.


Enter the login to connect with. This option is not available.


Enter the password for the login. This option is only editable if you have selected to connect using SQL Server Authentication.

Remember password

Select this check box to have SQL Server store the password you have entered. This option is only displayed if you have selected to connect using SQL Server Compact Edition Authentication.

Note Note

If you have stored the password and want to stop storing it, clear this check box, and then click Save.

Registered server name

The name you want to appear in Registered Servers. This name does not have to match the Server name box.

Registered server description

Enter an optional description of the server.


Click to test the connection to the server selected in Server type.


Click to save the registered server settings.

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