We recommend using Visual Studio 2017

Informational Commands

You can use any of the following commands to obtain more information about source-controlled items in the Team Foundation source control server and all of the workspaces that map to it.


Dir Command

Displays a list of the files and folders in the Team Foundation source control server directory.

Permission Command

Displays information about the users and groups of users who are allowed to perform actions against an item or set of items in the Team Foundation source control server.

Status Command

Displays information about pending changes to items in one or more workspaces.

Branches Command

Displays the branch history of a specified file or folder.

Changeset Command

Displays information about and enables you to make changes to the attributes, that are associated with a changeset, such as comments and check-in notes.

Labels Command

Displays the list of labels in the source control Team Foundation source control server.

Properties Command

Displays information about a source-controlled file or folder including path, local version, size, file type, and lock status.

Shelvesets Command

Displays information about a set of shelved changes. You can also use this command to compare a shelved revision to its base shelveset version without unshelving the item into your workspace.

Help Command (Team Foundation Source Control)

Displays detailed information about a Team Foundation source control command.

Difference Command

Compares and, if possible, displays differences between two files or two folders.

Workspaces Command

Displays information about all workspaces in the system.

Workfold Command

Creates, modifies, or displays information about the mappings between your workspace folders and the Team Foundation source control server folders to which they correspond.

Other ways to get information

You can obtain information about source-controlled items indirectly, by combining common commands with informational options.

tf get /preview

You can use the /preview option to issue the Get command without making updates to the local workspace in order to see what would happen if you were to perform an actual get.

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