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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Resolving Folder Differences and File Conflicts (Team Foundation Version Control)

This section contains topics that describe how to solve conflicts that occur between server versions of folders and files and versions that have pending changes in your local workspace.

How to: Reconcile Differences Between Two Folders

Describes how to reconcile the differences between a server folder and local folder, and how to resolve conflicting pending changes in your local folder.

Understanding File Differences and Conflict Types

Explains conflict types and when each type of conflict can occur.

How to: Resolve Conflicts Between Two Files

Describes the how to resolve file conflicts.

Branching and Merging Team Foundation Version Control

Provides information on branching and merging team projects.

How to: Compare Two Folders

Describes how to compare two server folders, two local folders, or a server folder and a local folder.

How to: Compare Two Files

Describes how to view the differences between two server files, two local files, or a server file and a local file.

Team Foundation Version Control Walkthroughs

Lists walkthroughs that explore how to use version control, customize a version control check-in, and use version control from the command line.