This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Viewing Historical Data about an Item

One advantage of a version control system is that you can look back in time to get detailed information about what changes have been made to your files. Team Foundation version control maintains historical data related to every version of every file that has ever been checked in.

Often when you look over the history of a file, folder, or branch, you are trying to solve a problem or answer a question. By using the Team Foundation version control History window, you can more easily resolve questions and situations such as the following:

  • What changes have been made in the past weeks or months?

  • What work item was completed by this change to the file?

  • Who checked in this change? What did they say about the change? What did they change?

  • Unexpected changes occurred in this file, causing a bug in an area of the product that we thought was stable. Who made this change, and why did they make it?

  • A change in this branch fixes a bug that also needed to be fixed in other branches. How can I make sure that the change was merged to those branches?

View Historical Data

Describes how to display the History Window.

Using the History Window

Describes how to use the History window to get detailed historical data about a team project, branch, folder, or file.