This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Submitting Changes

You can check in changed files into the version control server by using the Pending Changes window or the Check In dialog box. Changes are checked in as a group and tracked on the server as a changeset. During a check-in, you can add explanatory comments, associate work items with the changeset, and review adherence to check-in policy. Various aspects of the check-in process can be customized by your administrator.

When you initiate a check-in operation, the source file updates either succeed as a group or fail as a group. If any of the changes in the list of pending changes cannot be submitted to the server (for example, because of a conflict), none of the changes are committed and a changeset is not created.

During a check-in operation:

  • Compliance with check-in policy is validated.

  • The changes are committed to the server as a changeset, and the changeset number is displayed.

  • Files that were checked out are returned to a read-only state. Your changes appear in the server and can be retrieved by other users.

  • E-mail is delivered to team members who have subscribed for check-in notification.

  • Work items are updated.

A Team Foundation administrator can configure the check-in notes and check-in policies that apply to a given team project. For more information, see Walkthrough: Customizing the Check In Experience.


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