This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Create a Workspace to Work with your Team Project

A workspace includes client-side folders on the local disk mapped to version-controlled folders on the Team Foundation version control server. You can change version-controlled items in the client-side work folders without changing the version-controlled items on the server. Changes are marked as pending changes in the local workspace. When you perform a check-in operation, you commit client-side changes to the server's source control folder.

You can synchronize your workspace with the most recently checked-in changes on the server by using the Get Latest command.

If you want to have multiple copies of source-controlled items on your computer, you can create more than one workspace for a specific source control server.

Create and Work With Workspaces

Provides an overview of source control workspaces and provides procedures for using workspaces to get your team project files for the first time.

Add and Remove a Working Folder in a Workspace

Explains the steps that are used to add and remove working folders in a workspace.

Edit a Workspace

Explains the steps that are used to modify an existing workspace.

Cloak and Uncloak Folders in a Workspace

Explains the steps used to cloak and uncloak folders in a workspace.

Remove a Workspace

Describes the steps that are used to remove a workspace.

Work Offline when the Server is Unavailable

Describes how to work with a local copy of a version-controlled file when the server is offline.

Getting a Local Copy of Files from the Version Control Server

Provides information about retrieving source control files and folders for a team project associated with a local workspace.

Administering Team Foundation Version Control

Lists topics that apply to administrators of Team Foundation version control.