Using Version Control

You can complete common source control tasks by using Team Foundation. The following section contains topics that describe different tasks that you can perform.

Using Source Control Explorer

Provides information about the basics of using Source Control Explorer.

Create a Workspace to Work with your Team Project

Provides information about workspaces used to store and manage local copies of source control files and folders.

Placing Files under Version Control

Provides information about how to add solutions, projects, and items to Team Foundation version control.

Getting a Local Copy of Files from the Version Control Server

Provides information about getting source control files and folders for a team project that is associated with a local workspace.

Submitting Changes

Describes how to check in pending changes with Working with Changesets.

Working with Changesets

Explains the purpose of changesets and how to use them in Team Foundation version control.

Working with Shelvesets

Explains the purpose of shelvesets and how to use them in Team Foundation version control.

Viewing Historical Data about an Item

Provides information about how to answer questions and solve problems by using the History window.

Comparing Folders and Files

Explains how to compare or diff files, folders, and Working with Shelvesets.

Resolving Folder Differences and File Conflicts

Explains how to solve conflicts that occur between server versions of folders and files and versions that have pending changes in your local workspace.

Use Labels to Take a Snapshot of Your Files

Explains how use labels to take a snapshot of your files, and then at a later date to view the snapshot and even use it to build or roll back the files.

Working with Version Control Locks

Explains the purpose of locks and how to use them in Team Foundation version control.

Branching and Merging

Provides information about branching and merging versioned code branches in team projects.

Configuring Team Foundation Version Control

Provides information about how to configure Team Foundation version control.

Naming Syntax, Conventions, and Limitations

Provides information about naming syntax, conventions, and limitations.

Administering Team Foundation Version Control

Lists topics that apply to administrators of Team Foundation version control.

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