Find and Edit Work Items Assigned to You

You can find work items assigned to you by using the search box, My Work, or a work item query.


  • To find or modify work items assigned to you, you must be a member of the Contributors group or have the Edit work items in this node permission set to Allow. For more information about query permissions, see Find Bugs, Tasks, and Other Work Items.

Note Note

If your team project is configured for a project portal and dashboards are supported, you can use My Dashboard to view work items that are assigned to you. For more information, see My Dashboard (Agile) or My Dashboard (CMMI).

To find work items by using the Search box

  • In the search box, type A=@Me and then choose the Search (TWA) or Search icon (Team Explorer) (Team Explorer) search icon.

    To combine operators for more complex searches, see Work Item Search Syntax.

To find work items by using a work item query

  1. On the Work Items page, choose New Query.

    Note Note

    Your team project might already have a query in Shared Queries that you can use to search for your work items.

  2. Add the clause, Assigned To = @Me, to the filter criteria.

    Find all work items assigned to me

    Find work items assigned to me (Team Explorer)

    You can use the @Me variable to automatically search for your alias in the Assigned To field or other fields that contains user aliases. For example, you can find work items that you opened if you set the Field column to Created By, the Operator column to =, and the Value column to @Me.

  3. On the query toolbar, choose Run Query (Team Explorer) Run.

    For information about how to change several work items, see Modify Work Items within a List View.

  4. To save the query to Team Foundation, on the query toolbar, choose Save Save Query, and type the name that you want for your query. See Save, Copy, Rename, and Delete Work Item Queries.

To find work items that were previously assigned to you

  • Add the following query clause to your query:






    Assigned To

    Was Ever