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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Setting Alerts

Alerts are notifications in e-mail when certain events occur in your team project. You can subscribe to alerts for yourself or for others, and can select to receive alert messages in either HTML or Plain Text format.

You can select to receive an alert when certain events occur. For example:

  • Your work items change.

  • Anything is checked in.

  • A build status changes.

  • A build finishes.

Alert subscriptions are stored on the server by team project, and you can add different alerts for each team project that you have permission to open.

In This Section

How to: Add or Edit Alerts

Describes how to add new alerts or edit existing alerts.

How to: Remove Alerts

Describes how to remove alerts or remove team members from an alert.

How to: View Alerts

Describes how to view alerts sent in e-mail.

How to: Open Work Items from an Alert

Describes how to open work items associated with an alert from e-mail.

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