We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Save Work Items

When you save a work item, your changes are saved in the work item database. Until you save, all changes can be canceled by closing the work item without saving the item.

Required Permissions

To perform these procedures, you must be a member of the Contributors group or have the View work items in this node, and Edit work items in this node permissions set to Allow. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Permissions.

To save a specific work item

  1. On the File menu, click Save Task <Task Number>, or within the work item, press CTRL+S.

  2. If you get an error when you try to save the work item, look for required fields that are not filled in, and for alerts on fields. You can also examine the information bar at the top of the work item form for information about how to correct the error. As soon as you have corrected any problems, try to save the work item again.

To save all work items

  • On the File menu, click Save All.